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The Futura Portable Hand Sealers are made by Packaging Aids Corp . / Audion Elektro, a name that has been an industry standard for quality sealers for over 40 years. The PAC Aids Futura sealers are hand held or table mounted with lightweight construction that makes them versatile for many different applications. They come in four models to meet varying job requirements.

Each model can come with mounting brackets & foot pedal for table top installation (see image below) or without for hand held use. No special stand and no screws are necessary for table top/workbench mounting.

The Futura Poly Model with the sealing jaw covered with teflon coated fiberglass, is designed for sealing polyethylene, PVC, pliofilm, saran and other transparent plastics The teflon cover keeps the material from sticking to the heating element for making the 1/8? wide by 6" long seal. The bottom jaw contains resilient silicone rubber.

The Futura Poly Twin Model has sealbars on both the top & bottom jaws. It makes a 1/8" wide by 6" long seal of the same style at the Futura Poly Model but is able to seal thicker and harder to seal materials.

The Futura Barrier Model has two heated 9/16? wide by 6" long bare metal flat jaws (top and bottom) and three temperature settings for mil spec barrier materials.

The Futura Cello Model has two heated 9/16? wide by 6" long serrated jaws (top and bottom) for crimp sealing materials such as cellophanes, waxed paper, header labels, foils, laminations. The heat is controlled by a switch with three temperature settings.


P.A.C. Futura Cello Sealer with mounting hardware for foot-pedal operation.
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