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vacuum packaging


A versatile TEST Automatic Feed, Fill & Seal machine. The SLB1500 is a compact rotating 8 position machine. SLB!%)) is an ideal machine for sealing small (plastic) cups/trays with pre-cut aluminum. SLB1500 also answers the growing trend of packing in aluminum containers. Packed products may be then sterilized in autoclave, replacing old fashioned canned foods. Audion offers a variety of functions/devices to fit with customer's needs: A wide variety of fillers for ALL substances. Lid placing (press-on). Coding: (stamp, inkjet, thermo printer). Labeling: (side or top). Integral collection plate. SLB1500 with its 8 positions - is a complete production line! Allowing many functions in a very compact machine, easy to operate & maintain! Mainly used for: Personal portions hotels/airlines/caterers: Butter. Jam / honey Sauces & dips Coffee cream Salads & pasts. Jelly / pudding.


Rotary SLB, picture courtesy of Brian J of Audion USA
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