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Designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic materials, this unit is easy to operate. The sealing unit's foot switch allows the operator to keep both hands free during sealing operation. The OPL-300 comes complete with a foot pedal and work table. The OPL sealer is engineered for sustained heavy duty use and low cost operation. Every sealer sold has an extended warranty, covering both parts and labor.
The OPL Series Sealers combine microprocessor machine control with a highly sensitive thermocouple based temperature control system to maintain the sealing at the set seal temperature regardless of the surrounding work environment or increases in the unit's body temperature. The heating temperature is controlled by taking direct readings from the heating element through a thin thermocouple mounted on the seal surface. This makes it possible to set the heating temperature at exactly the film's melting point. This optimal temperature setting increases seal strength. The microprocessor control removes human interface during critical cool dwell periods. The unit will not fire an impulse until the lower and upper jaw meet completely.
Further, the solenoid will only lower at low pressure until the jaws have completely met in order to prevent a finger pinch or burn. This unit can be activated by three included methods: the unit can be activated by the foot switch or the foot switch can be installed in a docking station on the tray (included with OPL-300 model only) or the unit can be set to auto cycle in 1/10 of a second increments up to 5 second cycles. This unit is available in 5 or 10 mm wide sealing widths and is available in 300 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm (12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches respectively) sealing lengths.
To determine whether or not you need the FA-Series sealer or the OPL-Series sealer, you need to determine what are your project requirements. If you are simply sealing foil or clear-film pouches that will not be held against validation requirements of sterile packaging, then you should consider the FA-Series. This sealer will allow you to set the heat dwell and cool dwell in order to generate repeatable sealing results for most flexible films. The FA-Series Sealer, like the OPL allows you to also set the semi-automatic mode in order to pace your throughput.
If, however, you will be sealing a sterile medical part and will be held against the FDA's QSRs and/or ISO 11607, you should select the OPL-series sealer as it incorporates a microprocessor that manages temperature accurately at the heat platen. The OPL Medical Pouch Sealer has been a choice of hundreds of medical device startup companies as it is priced less than our MS-350 Medical Pouch Sealer. It is particularly a good choice if you are sealing foil pouches where heating element placement is not an issue. The OPL Series Sealers incorporates the same Hitachi microprocessor that accurately delivers and monitors the temperature at the heat platen. The OPL allows you to adjust not only heat and cool dwell functions, but also specific temperatures. By utilizing temperature setting, heat-dwell setting and cool-dwell setting, you are able to develop a manageable design of experiment when packaging your medical part. The OPL Series Sealers also have a fixed pressure at the heat platen, which was designed to develop dynamic force at the sealing jaws. Because this is a non-adjustable constant and microprocessor-monitored function, it does not need to be set for various flexible films.

FA-300 running with Workshelf Cycle Start
FA-600 runing from footswitch
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