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The Clamco W280 Series offer air and watertight sealing of polyethylene bags used for packaging food, dry goods, hardware and miscellaneous manufactured products.
For uniform, strong, attractive seals, units use patented low voltage heated band with Teflon cover. When new Teflon is needed it is easily replenished from reserve supply. Rapid warm-up takes only two minutes from turn-on. Portable unit can be operated by standing or seated operator. Easy to move, conveniently stored. Convenient foot switch gives single-cycle sealing or continuous-cycle sealing when kept depressed. Standard Gear speed is 60 cycle/min.
Motorized Polysealers come in three sizes:
W-280-12MA 1/8" seal; 12" bags 110V, 160W
W-280-16MA 1/8" seal; 16" bags 110V, 200W
W-280-24MA 1/8" seal; 24" bags 110V, 320W


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