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The new Packaging Aids Corp. TT550 Table Top Portable Bandsealer packs a large set of features into a small package. With a small footprint of 24" wide and 21" deep (TT550H) or 24" wide x 14" deep (TT550V), the TT550 doesn't take up a lot of space on the workstation, while doing a big job. The TT550H is the horizontal style band sealer, while the TT550V is the vertical style unit. The TT550V is ideal for products that may drain during the sealing process, such as liquids or powders. It features adjustable supports on the belt that guide the package during the sealing process. The height of the TT550V can be adjusted to seal bags from 2-1/2" to 11-1/2" tall.

The digital temperature controller on the TT550 bag sealers allows precise setting of the heat up to 480F to conform with the needs of your application, and a wide 5/16" seal gives a secure closure to many different types of bag material. There is also a variable speed control that allows you to operate at speeds up to 400" per minute.

Is your bag bigger than the 4" wide conveyor belt--no problem!! The conveyor is adjustable to accommodate larger bags, it slides out easily after loosening two turnscrews.

Packaging Aids - Audion TT550H Table Top Horizontal Style Band Sealer with integral conveyor.
Packaging Aids - Audion TT550V Vertical Style Table Top Band Sealer with integral conveyor.
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