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This extensive line of bag opening and filling machines is designed for a wide variety of applications using wicketed and specialty bags. The cost efficient, high speed design of the TITAN virtually eliminates manual bag handling and the need for skilled operators. A single untrained operator can achieve up to 30 bags per minute! Your operator simply loads a wicket, or loose bags, into the bag magazine of the Bagmaster which holds up to 250 bags at a time. An internal blower system automatically opens the top bag, holding it open for the operator. Most Titan & Bagmasters feature articulating product guides that shape the opening of the bag to the product being packaged. These guides turn a flimsy bag into a rigid container making it possible to get an incredibly tight fitting bag around the most difficult products. Titan's Automatic Drop-Sealers are high production bag sealing machines built for single or multi-shift environments. The Drop-Sealer systems will pay for themselves several times a year by increasing production and reducing labor costs. These heavy-duty sealers are available in two model groups that can handle bags up to 25 inches wide with automatic trim sealing to meet your individual packaging needs.

Titan/Sergeant Bagmaster with Dropsealer
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