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shrink wrap


Shrink Band Tunnels are "stand alone" machines designed to work over existing conveyor systems. If a conveyor system is not available, LATTER has conveyors available with legs and 5" locking casters. Also available is a "Shrink Band Tunnel Stand". The top mounted stand attaches to any of LATTER'S Shrink Band tunnels and, with its 5" swivel locking casters, allows for effortless movement. Furthermore, to help in positioning, the hand crank scissors-jack easily raises and lowers the tunnel over a conveyor.

Features: Digital Display Thermostatic Heat Control: Very easy to read and insert the "set value temperature" as well as reading the "prevailing value temperature". Keeps the set temperature constant in the chamber. 2-Way Air Flow: Hot air flows along both sides of the chamber, utilizing the full length of the tunnel. In addition, a nozzle forces hot air down from the top at a 45 degree angle. This creates a fast and even shrink of the film to the product. The air flows can be custom adjusted by the insertion of metal plugs. Automatic Tunnel Cool Down: The shrink tunnel only shuts down after it has cooled below 110 Deg. F., eliminating the danger of heat shock to the motors. Blower and Cooling Fan System:Fans keep the heater blowers continually cooled by directing ambient air onto them, keeping the blowers from overheating and prematurely shutting down. Fully Insulated:The tunnel is fully insulated to keep the outer shell cool to the touch, at the same time making the tunnel very economically efficient to run. Ease of Maintenance:The tunnel is designed for easy maintenance - all parts of the machine are accessible. Heavy Duty All Steel Constructed with Baked On Powder Coating: Designed and built for long life even under the most rigorous constant production.

Shrink Tunnel Stand: with 6" locking casters - Holds tunnel over an existing conveyor. It's adjustable height makes it easy to raise or lower tunnel to match the conveyor's existing height.

Model # SBT-7-11-36 with Conveyor # C-4-96 option
Model # SBT-7-11-26 and SBT Stand
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