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These Table Top Motorized Heat Sealers are small, pedal operated electric units that are capable of sealing through many hard-to-seal bag materials including polyethylene, aircraft, anti-stat, bubble laminate and other thermoplastic materials up to 30-mil total thickness.
They can be set for manual or semi-automatic modes. The motorized unit drives the seal jaw using a foot switch activation, or it can be set to repeat at 25 cycles per minute. The motorized jaw assembly produces consistent seals by assuring even pressure through the entire seal area. A Teflon Curtain provides the versatility to use the widest range of bag material. Units built in either Painted Cold Rolled Steel or Stainless Steel.
Sealing Impressions are interchangeable. Machines are offered in 14", 18" and 24" sealing lengths

  • Model 214B/218B/224B renders 1/16" wide seal
  • Model 214BT/218BT/224BT offers Trimseal OR 1/16" wide seal
  • Model 214BTBO/218BTBO/224BTBO Trimseal with air scrap blow-off OR 1/16" wide flat seal
  • Model 214DS offer doulb sealing of two 1/16" flat seals OR 1/16" flat with Trimseal
  • Models 218I (18") 220I (20") 224I (24") offer IMPULSE SEALING in 3/16" or 1/4" widths.

    214 Series, Models B.BT,BO,&BTBO
    Model 220i Impulse with 3/16" sealing impression
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