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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The model 6000 BANDRITE Band Sealer is the result of innovative sealing technology and 60 years of packaging experience at PackRite. It has and will continually be upgraded and enhanced. This machine is a workhorse! It is made for multishift operations. The Model 6000 is designed for food (USDA approved), military, agricultural applications and many more. It seals most types of barrier materials in addition to straight polyethylene up to 12 mil single thickness or 6 mil single thickness on bags with gussets (24 mil total). Change over from one material to another is done with very little or no adjustments required. The advantages of this multiple capability machine are numerous. You can change from one type of bag or seal to another with virtually no machine down time. The Model 6000 Band Sealer provides a flat seal or when equipped with the optional crimper, a checkered seal impression (it gives a nice cosmetic appearance on clear polypropylene materials). Various seal widths are available. A variety of options such as a selection of trimmers, coders, etc. are available (All options are designed to be retro-fitted in the field). To be sure your machine is equipped to meet the requirements of your application we recommend sending your bag samples for us to test and return to you for your inspection and approval. Maintenance on this machine is designed to be user friendly. Sealing band change can be made in minutes without tools due to our tilt-away drive system (no tools required band change has been standard at PackRite for more than a decade). If required, replacement of the temperature controller is snap-in, snap-out, no disconnecting or reconnecting of wiring is necessary. If you have questions, our experienced service department gives straightforward advice in language your maintenance people will understand. If parts are required, we ship (on most orders) the same day on orders received by 1:00 pm central standard time. Perhaps the most impressive advantage of the Model 6000 is its overall cost efficiency. It is versatile, expandable, heavy duty and easily serviced. It has the performance and features of machines priced much higher.

Bandrite 6000 shown with Right to Left Feed
Bandrite with Conveymaster
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