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The Vacumaster Skin Packaging System by Sergeant / Audion Automation provides showcase appeal, product protection and reduced packaging costs for your products. Products are kept secure, clean, visible and unbroken, vacuum sealed onto the board by plastic film. For skin packaging small and large packages up to 30" x 36". Retail display packs can be die cut from individual master boards. The Vacumaster features the patented, energy efficient, ThermOpulse "Heat On Demand" heating system. It heats instantly at the beginning of each cycle, and cools immediately at the end of the cycle - there's no wasted energy. The Vacumaster is a stationary oven machine and takes about half the floor space of competitive traveling oven units, and it has no moving parts to wear out. You get precise control in a space-saving stationary oven that eliminates the danger and mechanical failure of moveable ovens or those with heat blocking devices. Simpulsetm Cut-off, standard on all Vacumaster models, dramatically increases production efficiency. The cut-off automatically separates the finished package from the continuous roll of film, and the machine is ready for the next cycle. The uniquely efficient Vacumaster Skin Packaging Machine will work with all skin packaging films of any practical gauge. All units require 80 psi / .7 cfm compressed air and run on 220V 3-phase electrical.

T1824 Vacumaster
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