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The Emplex ACS6200 Semi-Automatic Bag Sealing System has been designed for high-speed horizontal and angled sealing applications. It is ideal for bakery products (tortillas, pita bread, pizza shells), hosiery products (socks, shirts, underwear), paper products, trays, cases, magazines, mailers, etc. This system has been designed to work with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic loading systems. With four conveyor lengths to choose from, multiple loading stations can be utilized to achieve the highest production rate possible. There are three components to the ACS System: the sealing head, a main carrying conveyor and an adjustable I-belt conveyor. These three components are driven by their own motors and are synched by a master/slave system. The 6200 Band Sealer The sealing head is a band sealer that is mounted on an adjustable L-belt style conveyor. The ACS6200 sealers are a variation on the Emplex MPS6000 style band sealer. Like the MPS6100, the ACS6200 boasts a wide range of standard features and capabilities. These continuous feed sealers have a standard control panel consisting of variable speed control and a PID digital temperature controller. The 6200 utilizes variable pressure sealing bars for the sealing process which accommodate for variation in bag thickness or composition, ensuring a hermetic seal every time. All seals are created using economical etched Teflon bands which maintain high seal quality and produce consistently strong, clean seals on all heat sealable bags. The main difference is that the 6200 Series carrying belt that carries the bag through the sealer, runs on the same plane as the sealing bands. This design enables the closest product-to-seal distance available on any continuous sealer. The ACS6200 also features a wide-mouth opening on the seal head for easier infeeding of the bag. The sealer mounting system allows for infeed height adjustment. The ACS Conveyor The ACS Conveyor is an adjustable L-belt style conveyor. The main conveyor unit is designed to handle bags up to 15? in length (measured from the bottom of the bag to the top of the seal). Adjusting the conveyor for different bags sizes is simple and quick--no tools are required. The standard width of the main carrying conveyor is 12? wide and lengths of 6?, 9?, 12?, and 15? are available. Every model but the 6? can be outfitted with an air removal compression belt system. The conveyor can be angled with a 0-60? pitch. Download Emplex ACS6200 Sealing System brochure (pdf) http://emplex.com/product_page.asp?TopMenu=1

Emplex ACS6200 Semi-Automatic Bag Sealing System shown with 6230 Sealer with Printer, and ACS9 Conveyor 9 ft. x 12 in.
6500 Horizontal Mount
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