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These two units work exceptionally well as stand alone units and when combined they can triple your output over manual bagging and sealing. Products are pushed from the loading table into the blower inflated bag. Once inside, the bag is torn off and dropped into the automatic sealer.
Speedy Bag Packager is a bag loader blows open pre-made bags on a wicket. Available seals: Bead trim, Impulse trim, Hot bar seal and trim. Contraction: Painted steel with stainless steel contact surfaces. Vertical filling models available. Air supply-Self contained adjustable air generator -retractable for easy cleaning 3 year warranty. Production Speeds Up to 24 bags per minute. Bag reservoir: Holds up to 300 bags, completely adjustable with parellel action. Interfaces with Drop Sealer and HCBS models sealers and can be used with vertical band sealers (VCBS models). Loaded bag is placed into drop sealer chamber. Jaw drops down and seals/trims bag. Quick and accurate length and width adjustments take seconds, Upper and lower adjustable stainless steel side guides. Stainless steel contact surfaces , Compressed air is required. 110V, 1 phase, 60 cycle, (220V available). Safeguard device available, adjustable compression plate available to remove excess air before sealing.


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