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vacuum packaging


The V-300 vacuum sealer delivers extraordinary performance, yet only requires a small footprint on your production counter top. The V-300 sealer is in operation at facilities throughout North America from packaging food products such as coffee and candy to archiving sensitive electronic and medical diagnostic parts. Unlike many vacuum sealers that require shop air which utilizes a high air consumption venturi style vacuum system, the V-300 sealer utilizes its own positive captive diaphragm pump. The sealer, therefore, requires only a simple 110V outlet and you're ready to package. This rugged, highly industrial grade vacuum sealer also utilizes an inline 5 micron filter and capture vessel for the sealing of fine powders and products that may have residual liquids. And like most sealers offered through Birnberg Machinery, the V-300 incorporates great maintenance features such as an onboard service kit tray that holds replaceable glass cloths, heating elements, and filter cartridges that come included with your machine. The sealer also incorporates features such as scrolling glass cloth that make routine maintenance simple, although you won't have to do this often as the V-300 vacuum sealer is known for its gentleness on consumable parts. This sealer can be used as a vacuum and sealing machine or, in projects that don't require vacuuming, it can be utilized in a seal-only operation. The V-300 can seal packages up to 11-3/4" wide and will impart a wide .4" or 10mm seal width on your pouch. This wide seal width will assure that the vacuum will not be lost and maintain your product's integrity to market. Some of our customers who use the V-300 are high-volume producers and use literally banks of V-300s in their production rooms, netting out millions of pouches per year. Because the V-300 incorporates an ingenious cammed lever system, the operator need only push down on the product table to invoke the upper jaw to produce a seal. This highly ergonomic system is ideal for continuous operation and therefore, operators can safely produce a respectable throughput on a non-solenoid activated machine. The benefits of vacuum packaging most products is irrefutable. Not only do many products gain extraordinary shelf life by virtue of a controlled oxygen and moisture environment, there are additional proven secondary benefits. Many of our customers pack fragile food products such as cookies and cakes. Through the shipping process, these products become severely damaged, in many cases showing up to the end user in the form of a bag of crumbs. A vacuum pouch can cradle the product, preventing violent movement during the shipping process and preserving not only freshness and flavor quality, but the product's original shape and form as well. It only takes a few moments to learn how to use the V-300 sealer and after a few days of use, you'll be absolutely amazed at the number of products you'll be able to package with this powerful tabletop sealer. So remember, don't jeopardize your reputation based on improper packaging. Choose the quality and performance of the V-300 sealer. And if you're sealing heavy foil gusseted pouches, this sealer is available in a top and bottom heating element configured design, the V-300-10D, that will seal through 4 ply's of heavy vacuum package substrate. lab.

V300 Table Top Vacuum Sealer 4,200.00
Simple Operator Interface Controls for Vacuum Time, Seal Time, Cycle Start, Nozzle Retract, with lighted sequencing
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