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The FS-315 sealer has gained a reputation as a durable, dependable and ergonomic general pouch sealer. In our fulfillment department at Birnberg Machinery, we have been using an FS-315 for the better part of a decade to package a variety of parts for shipment. This sealer has had incredible abuse from our less than gentle fulfillment staff. The FS-315 sealer seals as well today as the first day it was put into service. This little tabletop unit can seal a variety of films, such as polyethylene, foil, nylon, PET and more. And unlike simple sealers that require the operator to have one hand on the machine jaw and one hand on the bag, the FS-315's ingenious levered table activated jaw mechanism allows the operator to hold firmly on the pouch during the sealing process. Not only is this very ergonomic for the operator, it also reduces wrinkles in the seal area as the operator has full control of the pouch during the critical heat/cool process and maintaining manual dexterity and this produces straight seals and prevents injury to the operator. The FS-315 also incorporates a division-sensing microswitch that will not allow for a possible finger pinch or burn during the sealing process. That is why this sealer has been favored amongst safety managers when high-speed production sometimes interferes with safety. The FS-315's electronic timer allows the operator to adjust various dwell times in order to match material type and thickness, thus generating seal-to-seal performance. The FS-315 can seal a pouch up to 12" across and will impart a wide .20" (5mm) seal width on the pouch. The FS-315 also incorporates some unexpected benefits like an onboard parts kit tray under the machine for at-machine storage of needed consumable parts. No more searching through the warehouse or file drawers for the needed parts for the FS-315 as they're always found on-board in the included tray. And this parts kit is robust. It include glass cloth, heating elements, all the essentials to keep the machine in top performance. The FS-315 also is very easy on consumable parts, making service intervals very manageable. And maintenance-friendly functions such as the scrolling glass cloth will please facility maintenance personnel. The FS-315 shop sealer has been used industry wide sealing items from candy, coffee and food products to industrial parts and is even used for sealing ESD bags for sensitive electronic components. The FS-315 is small and easily stowable and yet performs like machines costing thousands of dollars. Just plug it into 110 volts and you're ready to start packaging. This sealer comes with a one year parts and labor warranty.

FS-315 Fuji Impluse Shop Sealer 795.00
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