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vacuum packaging


Audion?s PVT is a tabletop vacuum sealer that provides speed and flexibility for packaging where budget or workspace limitations are a concern. Excess air is removed from the bag by a vacuum nozzle. The PVT is especially suitable for small industrial applications. Standard features include independent vacuum, seal and cool timers. The machine is available with a gas flush option as the PVT-G. General operation A bag containing product is placed between the open sealing jaws and over the vacuum nozzle. The operating cycle starts by pressing the electrical foot pedal. The jaws close under low pressure and the nozzle begins to vacuum the bag for a preset time. Once the vacuum cycle is complete, the nozzle is retracted while the jaws are still under low pressure. After the nozzle is retracted, high pressure and heat is applied to the sealing bar for a preset time. The jaws remain closed under pressure once the heat cycle is completed allowing the seal to cool under pressure. When the cooling cycle ends, the jaws open and the sealed bag can be removed. Vacuum Sealers Brochure below

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