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The Titan 6500 Rollbag Autobagger from Audion Automation is a fully automatic, heavy duty bagging machine and heat sealer with many available options to customize it to your specific needs. It includes everything required for production: high-speed bag opening, loading and sealing, with no special tools required. It has automatic feeding of the bags-on-a-roll used with this equipment; jaw activation; and heat and cool down. Advanced technology allows the position of the bag to be sensed, stopped and repeated to an extremely precise position at a rate of up to 60 bags per minute. In addition, the standard unit comes with three modes of operation (automatic, manual and auxiliary) allowing this machine to be used for a wide variety of applications. The 6500 comes standard with an electrical interface allowing the unit to be combined with your automatic product feeder, including counting and weighing. A fully programmable thermal printer is available, as an option for next-bag-out printing needs of UPC Codes, dates and graphics. All these features combine into a time reducing automatic opening, filling and sealing system; giving you a very short investment payback period. Applications: Toys, Tools, Hardware, Art Kits, Automotive Parts, Textiles, Medical Apparatus, Headphones, Rice, Tape, Candy, Plumbing Parts and more. Options Include: Stainless Steel chassis for food and pharmaceutical applications Spare Parts Kit Adjustable Small parts funnel Pneumatic Air expeller (spanker) Adjustable Bag flattening fingers for flat seals Technical Information: Minimum Bag Size: 2" x 2" Maximum Bag Size: 10" x 12" Production Capacity: 60 bags/min

6500 with Loading Shelf & Seal Flattening Fingers
Coupling Nut Loading System at Salens Corporaton in Johnson Creek , WI
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