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These two units work exceptionally well as stand alone units and when combined they can triple your output over manual bagging and sealing. Products are pushed from the loading table into the blower inflated bag. Once inside, the bag is torn off and dropped into the automatic sealer.

The Pacemaker Unibagger Packaging System combines a manual Bag Loader with a Model 600 Gravity Slide Sealer on a sturdy unitized frame. The bag loader is mounted on a slide rack for easy repositioning for different bag lengths. The sealer adjusts easily for different product lengths, widths or thicknesses, and for the angle of the slide table.

The Gravity Slide Sealers come as either thermal impulse sealers (for extra strong sealing) or as constant heat sealers for higher speed sealing. Operators usually run 12-18 pkgs/min, but speeds of up to 30 bags per minute are not uncommon.

Each Pacemaker Packaging drop sealer comes standard with a trim wire and scrap blow off. As the operator loads the product through the entering guide arms it slide easily into the bag which has been opened by the bag loader blower. Continuing the forward motion, the operator strip the bagged product off the wicketed bag stack and drops it into the gravity slide sealer section of the machine. Holding pins stop the package's downward travel. A trip microswitch or an electric eye sensor (optional) signals the sealer jaw to close. The seal & trim wires are energized, effectively sealing the bag opening and trimming the excess bag scrap. A kicker plate severs the excess material above the seal, which is blown away by a short blast of compressed air.

As the sealer jaw opens, the holding pins retract. The finished package slides down off the slide rack. The holding pins return, ready for the next package. All product contact parts are stainless steel making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Pacemaker Unibagger II Packaging System Model U15THI with optional electric eye and optional product compression attachment.
Unibagger with 502 Bagger & 618STHI Dropsealer having Compression Plate to expell air from package
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