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The Emplex MPS6500 Conveyorized Band Sealer is the conveyorized mate to the MPS6100 Series, and is required for bag weights greater than 2 pounds or for particular product orientation. They feature stainless steel stand, food-grade belt conveyors complete with adjustable guide rails. The standard conveyor size is 6" wide x 6' long, with a full family of conveyor options and sizes available to meet your specific needs. MPS conveyors are effortlessly mounted directly to the floor stand. Easy to adjust with a dependable latch mechanism, MPS conveyors are manually raised and lowered to match any size bag.

Like the MPS6100, the MPS6500 boasts a wide range of standard features and capabilities. These continuous feed sealers have a standard control panel consisting of variable speed control and a PID digital temperature controller. The MPS Series utilizes variable pressure sealing bars for the sealing process which accommodate for variation in bag thickness or composition, ensuring hermetic seal every time. All seals are created using economical etched Teflon bands which maintain high seal quality and produce consistently strong, clean seals on all heat sealable bags.

Add-On Versatility -A number of add-on options modify and enhance the sealing functionality of this series. These options include: trimmers, printers, embossers, conveyors, perforation units and more. This add-on principle means you can add-on any of these options at any time to the sealing unit, even after the purchase. Most take just a few bolts to add-on.

Minimized Seal to Product Distance - MPS Series machines reduce empty space found between the product and seal to its smallest physical limit, thereby reducing bag wastage, increasing shipping volume, and enhancing product appearance.

Strong Support Capability - Emplex?s exclusive infeed system is capable of supporting significant bag weights without the use of a conveyor. Typically, the MPS6500 can support a 10" wide bag containing 2 pounds of product. More weight can be supported with wider bags, and less weight is supported as the bag narrows.

Fast Routine Maintenance - When sealing bands need to be replaced, Emplex?s unique design offers quick and easy change-over. No tools are required and it takes about a minute to change. Easy access to the sealer's internal components and simple construction keep routine maintenance to a minimum.

Unique Stand Design - The robust stainless steel stand is as functional as it is durable. built conveyor-ready, the corrosion-resistant stand easily and infnitely adjusts the sealing head and conveyor heights to suit your specific bag sizes.

Emplex MPS6500 Conveyorized Band Sealers for bag sealing heavier products.
MPS 6500 Horizontal Mount Position
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