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Packaging Aids Corp. High Production Combination Band Sealers seal most of the modern packaging materials such as PE, PP, PVC, Polycell, Laminated and Mil Spec. All models come standard with a digital temperature controller that gives accurate control to a maximum temperature of 550F (288C). The jaw pressure is adjustable to differing material widths. Seal width 7/16 (10 mm) standard with optional widths available.

The P.A.C. Band Sealers are made for working all day, and with an adjustable sealing speed of up to 400" per minute, a high rate of production can be achieved. Reliable and requiring little maintenance, the P.A.C. Bandsealer provides a strong, hermetic airtight seal, bag after bag with no rejects. Seal integrity is excellent and the machine is easily qualified for the most demanding applications. Versatile, it can seal the lightest as well as the heaviest of flexible heat sealable packaging materials. Models come standard with a durable painted steel finish.

An adjustable cutter is a very popular option on the P.A.C. Bandsealer, the cutter can also come with a scrap remover. A Hot Stamp Printer is also available to imprint up to 2 lines of 12 characters each in the sealing area. An embossing device to encode in the sealing area is also available.

The Packaging Aids Corp. Model 552 Horizontal Band Sealer comes standard with an integral conveyor-- the conveyor and sealing belts stay in sync. The 552 is adjustable. The conveyor and sealing head can be tilted to any position up to 30 degrees, and can
The Packaging Aids Corp. Model 555 Adjustable Head Band Sealer is a vertical model to accommodate all size bags, the head can be rotated 90 degrees and positioned anywhere between the horizontal and vertical. The sealing head can be raised or lowered betw
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