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Vertrod PS Series pneumatically powered Thermal Impulse Heat Sealers are designed for heavy duty sealing applications such as joining materials that require high temperature or a long seal.

If you have a demanding application requiring a lot of heat, thick material, and/or difficult multi-wall packaging or fabricating, the PS is the machine to choose.

These premium American built sealers have improved the original Brooklyn designed ruggedly constructed heavy-duty open-back PS Series with pneumatic and electric safeties. Some older model can be upgraded.

Vertrod PS Series sealers are capable of producing quality air tight/ watertight seals in all materials ranging from seal temperatures of 200F to 650F (different materials seal at different time cycles).

The PS machineis available in a variety of different working lengths to fit your packaging needs. Since 1964 Birnberg Machinery has been supporting these Vertrod units and now under PACMachinery Group we continue. Largest PS Sealer serviced by Birnberg was 208" let us know and we can offer a quote!

Standard features include:
Standard Seal lengths: 36", 48", 60",72",84", 96",& 108"
Standard Seal width: 1/4" (Optional Widths up to 1.1")
Open-back feed thru style
Welded frame construction
Pneumatic and electric safeties
Compressed air operated: 60PSIG
Thermal Impulse control system.
Rotary switch timers for each stage of seal and cool.
115VAC, single-phase operation
Foot switch activated

Vertrod Model V48PS Steel-Frame Sealer
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