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vacuum packaging


Simple & compact (11" x 19" x 12")table top chamber vacuum sealer has 10mm (1/2")wide x 200mm (8")long sealing impression.

Temperature-controlled impulse chamber vacuum sealer, FCB-200 boasts of very high ultimate vacuum rate at about -100Kpa (10 torr). With the built-in vacuum gauge, a simple button-operation allows the user to adjust the vacuum rate in the range of -50 to -100 Kpa (385 to 10 torr) depending on the packaging contend.

The sealer uses a 10-degree tilt chamber. The chamber is lower in the front to prevent liquid from spilling out of the bag. This allows the user to work on vacuum packaging of watery and powdery items with ease. By using guide plate and guide base together, setting the pouch at one position becomes much easier. The low-position and the tilting of the chamber make maintenance easier than that of a horizontal chamber.

When the power is turned off the sealer will automatically run the vacuum pump for 3 minutes to clean out the collection of dirt and other foreign objects. This reduces the user?s daily maintenance work.

The chamber vacuum uses the impulse sealing technology that has been fostered over the years by Fuji Impulse. These advantages of Fuji Impulse sealer provide support for your work tool in your unique environment.


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