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TC420 & TC520
420 & 520

The Promarks Vacuum Chamber table-top bag sealers are ideal for limited spaces. Economic and professional, they have stainless-steel construction and a clear see through lid. Units offer three control board options from basic Analog/Digital/Digital with Sensor. The "F" models (TC-420F and TC-520F) have one sealbar along the front of the chamber. The "LR" models (TC-420LR and TC-520LR) have two sealbars, one on the left side of the chamber and one on the right side. All sealbars can be ordered with either 6mm impulse seal or electric cut-off seal (specify at time of order.) Also standard is a 1-1/4HP (Busch 021) vacuum pump and 115 VAC power. Extra cost options include gas flush, air regulator, 220/1 power, and bi-active sealing. One Year Factory Limited Warranty

Three control options are avaliable: PA01 Analog, PD01 Digital, and PND01 Digital. For basic use and low cost PA01 with Knob Controls. Next a touch screen digital controls with the PD01 Digital Board. Ultimately the PND01 have Digital Interface Controls with Vacuum Level Sensor Capability and 2 yr Warranty.

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