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While similar to the "Audion Sealboy" this manual operated impulse machine is ideal for packing all kinds of products in a limited work space. The sealing time is adjustable with a timer. When the upper jaw is closed, the magnetic interlock ensures that the seal pressure is maintained until the sealing and cooling process is complete. When using layflat poly tubing, its possible to make different bag sizes using the manual retractable trimmer. The Sealboy Magneta comes in various models and a range of different sizes, each with a selection of accessories. The machine can work with all kinds of thermoplastic films (polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and thin laminates). For heavy duty operation, these units are now sold with the new "D" Timers.

For large bag sealing, like the 24" long sealer, Sealboy Magneta offers a "4th Hand"

Applications: all kinds of bags, ironware, mechanical and electric parts, various products, etc.

Audion Sealboy Magneta, larger machines pictured are the CS420SBM/D and CS620SBM/D
Audion Sealboy Magneta Model CS421SB/D this unit has heavy duty timer with wide sealing. Pictured with Optional Rolloflux for Tubing and Support Workshelf
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